Talkspace Reviews | Finding the Best Online Counseling Provider

Here is a breakdown of which online counseling platforms are best, including features, benefits and pricing information.

What is Online Counseling?

Online counseling is changing the way that many individuals are connecting with counselors and therapists across the world. For too long, people were forced to connect with counselors in their city or town, regardless of whether or not that specific therapist shared the same values as that person. This has led to many people not receiving counseling at all. However, online counseling is changing this paradigm, by enabling individuals to connect with a counselor at home and also find counselors that share their same values. This is why we created Talkspace Reviews, to help individuals find the best counselor or therapist for themselves.

Is Online Counseling Right for Me?

This is a question we get from many people here at Talkspace Reviews and the answer depends. For many people, there are specific reasons they choose to not see a therapist in the first place. It could be that their social anxiety prevents them from leaving their house or from driving to a separate location, it could be a transportation issue or not having a car, or it could be the fact that the person isn't able to cry in front of someone. In all three of these scenarios, online counseling is the perfect solution. You don't need transportation, and if you're on a video call and you begin crying, you can simply turn the video off and continue on with phone only. We have heard this story time and time again, and the love they develop for online counseling (and their counselor) is genuine and impactful.

How Were The BetterHelp, ReGain and Talkspace Reviews Created?

Our reviews are based on the personal experience of our team, and also composites of reviews that we have found on each of these platforms. While some elements are subjective, we try to remain as unbiased as possible during our research. We also provide ample objective information like pricing, numbers of counselors, their specialties, etc. It's important for us to make the BetterHelp, ReGain and Talkspace reviews as genuine as possible. Please note, we may receive a small affiliate commission if you use our links to visit one of these platforms and create an account. Thank you for supporting Talkspace Reviews.

Are There Additional Resources for Mental Health?

At Talkspace Reviews, we also try to provide as much information as possible for mental health and its associated challenges and illnesses, but we only have so much bandwidth. This is why in addition to the information on Talkspace Reviews, we recommend the following resources: